Louder Than Words Charter

Louder than Words™ is a nationally recognised best practice charter for organisations striving to offer excellent levels of service and accessibility for customers and employees who are deaf or have a hearing loss.  We were delighted to be awarded this Charter in 2014 and re-accredited in 2015 and 2016. More information is available in this leaflet: http://www.hearing.nihr.ac.uk/images/uploads/docs/Louder_Than_Words_(1).pdf

Quality standards

The Louder than Words™ charter is made up of 10 quality standards. Action on Hearing Loss use the following to determine the accessibility of organisations for people who are deaf or have a hearing loss:

We welcome feedback on improvements we can make and on peoples' experiences of visiting us or using this website. If you need communication support when you visit us, such an interpreter, please let the researcher know what you need and we will provide it at no cost to you.

We have high quality induction loops installed outside and inside our reception, in our meeting rooms and sound booths. We also have portable loops that are used for events and testing away from our premises.   Some of our staff and students are studying BSL and working towards formal qualifications. All staff and students have had deaf awareness training.

We have a textphone installed and the telephone number is 0115 82 32615.  We also welcome calls via the Text Relay service and we have an online SMS text messaging service. The number for the SMS text messaging service is 07860 025916..

These guidelines for communciating effectively with deaf and hard of hearing people were developed by Action on Hearing Loss and people might find them useful:http://www.hearing.nihr.ac.uk/images/uploads/docs/How_to_communicate_with_deaf_and_hard_of_hearing_people.pdf

"All staff were found to be most helpful and welcoming and were obviously keen to offer deaf and hard of hearing people a good quality service."

Action on Hearing Loss Access Consultant at the Benchmark visit