Dr Claire Fielden

Clinical Research Fellow (Severe-to-profound hearing loss)

Claire is a Clinical Research Fellow conducting translational research on severe to profound hearing loss and cochlear implantation.

She graduated from the University Of Wales College Of Cardiff in 1995, with a first class honours Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Psychology. She then studied at the University of Southampton where she completed an MSc in Audiology in 1997. Following her MSc and acquisition of her Certificate of Audiological Competence (CAC), she became a state registered clinical scientist employed by the Department of Audiology at University Hospital Birmingham. She has chosen to specialise in adult cochlear implantation and is currently employed both as Principal Audiological Scientist on the Midlands Hearing Implant Programme, and Clinical Research Fellow at the NIHR Nottingham BRC.

Claire completed her PhD at the University of Manchester under the supervision of Prof. Colette McKay and Dr. Karolina Kluk-de Kort. Her thesis was entitled “Investigating benefits of current focusing on complex pitch perception in cochlear implants”. Her current research interests are predicting and optimising bimodal benefit in adult unilateral cochlear implant recipients, and is conducting an evaluation of bimodal fitting practice in the UK. Her other research interests are: evaluating effect of electrode configuration on outcomes from cochlear implantation and predicting outcomes from cochlear implantation in adults. She has previous research experience in bilateral cochlear implantation and adapting cochlear implant listening programs to optimise outcomes. She is also currently investigating benefits from cochlear implantation in non-traditional, prelingually deafened adults in order to develop a novel tool for measuring outcomes in this group.

Claire is a member of the British Cochlear Implant Group (BCIG), the British Society of Audiology (BSA) and the British Academy of Audiology (BAA). She has recently become a member of the BSA Applied Research Grants Panel. As a research fellow with a background in clinical practice, Claire aims to bring research and development in the field of cochlear implantation directly to the clinician to inform new practice in the UK.