Dr Carly Anderson

Carly Anderson

Research Fellow (Advanced imaging and translational neuroscience)

Carly's PhD project used near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) to assess cortical activation in response to auditory speech stimuli, visual activity derived from speech reading, and multisensory integration in cochlear implant users. This research aimed to provide valuable insights into the neural mechanisms underlying the variable speech outcomes following cochlear implantation in humans.

Carly studied at the University of Surrey, graduating in 2012 with a first class degree in Psychology. During her professional placement year she worked as an Assistant Psychologist at Broadmoor High Security Hospital and the Institute of Psychiatry. Carly assisted there in neuropsychological assessments and clinical rehabilitation research projects. She spent a further year in primary schools delivering interventions and supporting children with specific language impairments, and behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.

With her grandmother and late grandfather being congenitally deaf, Carly understands the impact profound deafness can have and she is excited to work in cutting-edge translational hearing research. Carly enjoys signing and continues to develop her British Sign Language skills, learning from family and friends within the deaf community.

Ultimately, Carly aims to contribute to the production of novel rehabilitation programmes for implanted patients.

Expertise summary

Carly has experience and interest in the production, delivery and evaluation of clinical interventions for both children and adults, using psychometric assessment tools and qualitative methods. Carly places importance on listening to patients' experiences and has employed semi-structured interviewing and thematic analysis in feasibility studies as well as her undergraduate dissertation.