Lucy Handscomb

PhD student (Tinnitus and hyperacusis) Viva passed

Lucy's PhD project is an in-depth evaluation of a new cognitive model of tinnitus, which seeks to explain how tinnitus, which is not bothersome to some people, can become hugely disturbing and debilitating to others. Her work involves gathering and analysing a large amount of questionnaire data from people with tinnitus in order test the accuracy of the model and to compose a clearer picture of the thought processes that contribute to tinnitus distress. She will also interview patients and clinicians about how useful the cognitive model is to them and their ability to manage the condition. 

Lucy studies part-time at Nottingham while also teaching and supervising audiology students at UCL Ear Institute in London, where she lives. In 2009 she gained an MSc (with distinction) in Rehabilitative Audiology from the University of Bristol. Originally trained as a hearing therapist, Lucy has spent much of her life working with patients who have hearing difficulties and for many years has had a special interest in tinnitus therapy. She ran the tinnitus clinic at St Mary's hospital in London between 2000 and 2010.

Expertise Summary

As well as having clinical experience, Lucy has taught and lectured extensively on the topics of hearing rehabilitation and tinnitus both in the UK and abroad. She has published two pieces of original tinnitus research, one of which won the Jack and Marie Shapiro prize from the British Tinnitus Association. She also contributed a chapter on audiological rehabilitation to the most recent edition of Ballentyne's Deafness. She is a longstanding member of the BTA's Professional Advisers Committee.