Mr Dean Thompson

PhD student (Tinnitus and hyperacusis) Viva passed

Dean joined us in 2014 as a PhD student funded by the National Institute for Health Research with the aim to define components and measuring the effects of audiologist-delivered psychological therapy for people with tinnitus.

Expertise summary

Dean was admitted to Graduate Member status within The British Psychological Society in 2011 when he completed his undergraduate degree in Human Psychology at Aston University with an integrated placement year at the University of Birmingham, investigating the effects of lexical neighbourhood in short-term memory recall of people with aphasia. While maintaining a position as an Assistant Psychologist, he returned to Birmingham to complete his Masters in Clinical Psychology through research, encompassing advanced care planning for people with dementia and the use of EEG to investigate components effecting dietary management for people with diabetes among efforts in other areas.

Dean qualified as a psychological therapist at the University of Nottingham, working in a local NHS service before continuing his practice in Birmingham, delivering Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for individuals and groups of over 50 people.