Ms Roulla Katiri

PhD student (Outcome measures)

Core Rehabilitation Outcome Set for Single Sided Deafness (CROSSSD) Study

Roulla commenced a part-time PhD in October 2017, focusing on the development of core rehabilitation outcome measures for single sided deafness interventions. 

Expertise summary  

Roulla, gained her first degree in Speech Sciences from University College London (2006).  She subsequently moved to Manchester where she completed her Masters in Audiology and the Clinical Competence Certificate in Audiology (2008).  She has since been working as a clinical audiologist in the NHS, and more recently, in acute hospitals in Ireland.   

Roulla continues to maintain her clinical role part-time.  A large part of her work is to facilitate and deliver the Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) and Middle Ear Implant (MEI) assessment and rehabilitation services, which incorporate the management of single sided deafness.   This work ignited her interest in translational research and the CROSSSD study.

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