Sarah Somerset

PhD student (In writing up period)

Sarah started her PhD in May 2013 and she is focusing on the impact of hearing impairment on the uptake of sport in children. 
Sarah studied Biomedical Science as an undergraduate at Keele University and a Masters in Health Research as a post graduate.  During her Masters studies Sarah’s interest and love of sport was rekindled and she joined a local football team.  This has escalated to her becoming a Level 2 qualified adult and youth coach.  This new found passion for football and personal experience with deaf players has led her to the PhD project she is undertaking today.  Through her experiences as a coach, player and scientist she hopes to address the current issues facing the hearing impaired when participating in sports.

Expertise Summary
Sarah has experience in quantitative research methods from her time at Keele University and has used linear and logistic regression previously.  She has experience in handling large data sets, using clinical records and medication records as well as use of the READ coding and BNF systems.  She also has experience in conducting systematic reviews in the prevalence of hearing loss and the prevalence of tinnitus.  She has obtained various skills from her coaching, refereeing and playing of football which will be useful in this project.