C2Hear Online

The award-winning C2Hear programme consists of a series of 10 interactive videos to help people to understand more about hearing aids, how to use them and how to overcome hearing loss to improve communication.

C2Hear was developed by Dr Mel Ferguson with members from our Unit, Nottingham Audiology Services, the Health and ELearning Media group at the University of Nottingham, and importantly, hearing aid users. C2Hear Online is currently freely available online via You Tube. To watch a short video which shares patients and audiologists' views of C2Hear, click on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6pEFHUwU5U&feature=youtu.be or see below.



C2Hear is continuing to progress - Dr Ferguson has recently won a grant (£150K) from the National Institute for Health Research to develop a personalised version of the C2Hear multimedia educational programme for mobile technologies (e.g. smartphones, tablets).