Graduation season

Two of our PhD students graduated with their doctorates this July from the University of Nottingham. Under the supervision of Dr Mel Ferguson, Dr Neil Coulson, Dr Johanna Barry, Dr David Maidment and Dr Helen Henshaw, Dr Eithne Heffernan's PhD focussed on the development of a self-report outcome measure, or questionnaire, to assess social participation in adults with hearing loss. Dr Kate Greenwell, supervised by Dr Derek Hoare, Dr Neil Coulson and Dr Magdalena Sereda focussed on evaluating self-help approaches to tinnitus management. Eithne is continuing her work as a Research Fellow in Dr Ferguson's team, while Kate has moved to a research fellowship post at Southampton University.

Well done to both Eithne and Kate!

Dr Eithne Heffernan  Dr Kate Greenwell

          Dr Eithne Heffernan                        Dr Kate Greenwell