Royal Society of Medicine Award

Our Clinical Hearing Sciences lead, Prof David Baguley has been awarded the Royal Society of Medicine Section of Otology Norman Gamble Research Prize. This prestigious award is ‘awarded to the best original work in Otology in the last four years, as evidenced by published papers’. David's work in that timeframe has explored the experience of tinnitus in childhood, opportunities for tinnitus therapy to be delivered via the internet, and has also sought for multidisciplinary research in hearing, involving not only Audiology and Otology, but also Psychology and Neurology in partnership. David said "That research in this field, on these topics, should receive recognition is very heartening. I would hope that the Prize award would be an encouragement to Audiologists and Otologists to follow their heart: to try and address clinical and research questions to benefit their patients no matter how difficult or complex those issues seem to be." For more from David, see his recent blog post at: