Shapiro prize 2017

A research publication co-authored by Prof David Baguley has been awarded the 2017 Marie and Jack Shapiro prize by the British Tinnitus Association. The prize is given each year at the British Tinnitus Association conference to the piece of published research from the last year, by a UK based author, ‘most likely to result in improved understanding and/or treatment of tinnitus.’

The publication documents Prof David Baguley's work with his PhD student, Eldre Beukes from Anglia Ruskin University's Vision and Hearing Sciences department, and also with collaborators at institutions in Sweden, USA and India. Their work was in developing a novel internet-based intervention called Tackling Tinnitus.  This is an online programme which shares a range of techniques to help people with tinnitus better manage their symptoms. The full author list and a link to the publication is given below:

Beukes EW, Vlaescu G, Manchaiah V, Baguley DM, Allen PM, Kaldo V and Andersson G - Development and technical functionality of an internet-based intervention for tinnitus in the UK

Well done to David Baguley, Eldre Beukes and the international team!

David Baguley receiving the Shapiro prize with Eldre Beukes on behalf of the team

Prof David Baguley (left) and Eldre Beukes (right) receiving the Shapiro prize, presented by Simon Weston CBE at the 2017 British Tinnitus Association conference, Sheffield, on the 7 September.