The National Institute for Health Research Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre (NIHR Nottingham BRC) is a leading centre of excellence specialising in hearing research. Our commitment is to support research that will have tangible benefits for patients, in particular to improve their quality of life.

To do this, we bring together well-established, internationally recognised experts, some of the brightest talent and outstanding research facilities. In addition, we collaborate with our clinical partners Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, thus rooting our research in the real world of clinical need. We also collaborate with the Medical Research Council Institute of Hearing Research (MRC IHR) and the University of Nottingham, and with leading national charities supporting people with hearing-related problems and tinnitus.

Click here to view a brief PDF summary of the video

Click here to view a brief PDF summary of the video

“Participating.. I thought it was quite fun. It was certainly very interesting. It sort of expanded what my understanding of what hearing loss might be like, and how it might be rectified if the trial went forward.”

Peter Butler Participant

“When I first became involved I was a little anxious, concerned as to what it would involve. The support, I think, has been really good. I was given lots of information before I started so that I was informed right at the outset and was given opportunities to either participate or not participate. As a patient I was issued with a laptop, headphones, a timer. And I had to listen to various buzzing sounds and beeping sounds for twenty sessions spread out over a month. And that was it really. As we’ve gone along, I’ve felt included in the research. I’ve felt very much cared for and valued. I’ve really enjoyed it. ”

Gail Russell Participant

Sometimes it felt as though we were completely rewriting Kate's original work, but it made me realise how easy it is to become too focused when working in isolation with an idea. PPI expands ideas and makes research more inclusive…it also ensures research is meaningful, applicable and good value.

Veronica Lay Assessor


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