Internet-based hearing screening – music exposure questionnaire using a calendar instrument

Questionnaires are an important way of investigating many health problems and the factors that might cause them. Because some health problems can develop over a very long period of time, it is sometimes necessary to find out details from a long time ago (30+ years). To help people remember things from the distant past, we have developed a new kind of questionnaire that aims to make the process of recalling such information easier.

The tool, called a Calendar Instrument, gives the person completing the questionnaire a visual representation of time in the form of a timeline, stretching back as far as required. The timeline is divided up into time sections for each answer. In addition, important events are displayed on the timeline. These can generally be well known events (e.g. ‘fall of the Berlin Wall’), and also personal events (e.g. ‘date of moving house’). Having these events on the calendar can help in accurately placing remembered information in the correct time range.

The Music Exposure Questionnaire is the first questionnaire to use this technology online. It is part of a study investigating the long-term effects of listening to loud music recreationally. This short video clip shows questions from the Music Exposure Questionnaire that use the Calendar Instrument.

Music exposure questionnaire - Calendar example question