Better understanding the heterogeneity of tinnitus to improve and develop new treatments (TINNET)

Chair of the Action

Dr Winfried Schlee
(University of Regensburg, Germany)

Chair of WG5: Standards for
treatment outcome measurement

Professor Deborah Hall


BMBS COST Action BM1306



This Action will foster the establishment of a pan-european multidisciplinary network with the major goal to facilitate (1) the identification of meaningful criteria for tinnitus subtyping, (2) the neurobiological underpinnings of the different tinnitus subtypes and (3) their relevance for response to treatment. This knowledge is essential for developing of new treatment approaches, their clinical investigation and the speed of translation into marketable products.

This (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) COST Action intends a stepwise approach which involves identification of (1) meaningful clinical and demographic characteristics for tinnitus subtyping, (2) tinnitus related changes of brain activity in the different forms of tinnitus, (3) intermediate genetic phenotypes for the identification of genetic factors in the pathogenesis of tinnitus and (4) predictors for response to various treatments. This approach requires a coordinated effort from basic scientists, technicians and clinicians of different disciplines working together in ongoing close collaboration.

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