C2Hear: Research and future development plans

Chief investigator

Dr Melanie Ferguson

Study team

Dr David Maidment
Mrs Nadine Kaminski
Dr Lynzee McShea

Professor Heather Wharrad
Dr Neil Coulson
Dr Stathis Konstantinidis
Mike Taylor
James Henderson


National Institute for Health Research
Nottingham University Hospitals Charity
British Society of Audiology Applied Research Grant

Study period

September 2015 - ongoing

For more information about C2Hear developments, watch Dr Melanie Ferguson's Research Round Up eSeminar from the British Society of Audiology.

“Towards an ehealth programme for hearing aid users: past, present and future ”

Over the last 8 years there has been a dramatic increase in internet use in 55-74 year olds, which continues to increase year-on-year. The next logical step in our C2Hear research is to develop mobile device-enabled video tutorials (or reusable learning objects, RLOs). This will enable tailoring to meet individuals’ needs and increased user-interactivity. We envisage online delivery will enhance learning and improve benefits to users.

We are currently developing C2Hear for the internet and mobile technologies, such as tablets and smartphones. C2Hear Online is freely available and was launched for use by audiology departments, hearing aid users, their family members and friends, as well as the general public in November 2015. To view C2Hear Online, visit our YouTube channel. For those who cannot access the internet easily, C2Hear is currently available on DVD. To order, go to our Ordering C2Hear page.

For more information on hearing healthcare through the internet, please read this article by Dr Melanie Ferguson.

Our overall aim is to use online and mobile technologies to increase awareness of the consequences of hearing loss in hearing aid users and those who they communicate with, non-audiological health and social care practitioners, and the general public.

The following areas of research are already under development:


Study 1: The development and evaluation of mobile-device enabled videos for family members and friends (communication partners)

Study 2: The development and evaluation of individualised mobile-enabled videos for hearing aid users

Student projects

  1. A feasibility study on the impact of early delivery of an educational intervention (C2Hear) on perceived self-efficacy and readiness towards hearing aids. Rachel Gomez, Aston University, Scientist Training Programme (2015/16).
  2. Exploring the views of audiologists on the effectiveness of C2Hear for better information retention and knowledge on hearing aids for first time hearing aid users. Tasnim Hajat, De Montfort University,  Audiology BSc (Hons) (2015/16).
  3. Providing interactive audio-visual training for staff within care homes to improve hearing-related knowledge and care. Laura Finegold, Aston University, Scientist Training Programme (2013/15).
  4. Does training care staff using Reusable Learning-Objects improve their hearing aid practical skills, understanding and perception of the importance of hearing aids? Tom Rocks, De Montfort University, Audiology BSc (Hons) (2012/13).
  5. The effectiveness of additional information booklet in first-time hearing aid users. Zoë Smith, De Montfort University, Audiology BSc (Hons) (2011/12).
  6. Assessment of Information Retention after first hearing aid fitting appointment: a free-recall questionnaire. Feryale El Molla, De Montfort University, Audiology BSc (Hons) (2011/12).