Evaluating the Tinnitus E-Programme, an internet-based self-help programme for tinnitus

PhD student

Dr Derek Hoare
Dr Magdalena Sereda

Supervisory team

Ms Kate Greenwell

Dr Neil Coulson


NIHR Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Unit

Study period


Until a cure for tinnitus is found, the healthcare aim is to support people to manage their tinnitus and reduce the impact it has on their everyday lives. Self-help programmes provide one way of achieving these aims. Self-help programmes are low-intensity psychological programmes in which individuals work through a set of therapeutic materials with minimal or no guidance from health professionals. They are typically delivered using books, the Internet or smartphone applications. Evaluations of self-help programmes have shown some promising results, but we still do not have enough evidence to say whether they work for people with tinnitus.

This PhD project aims to evaluate the Tinnitus E-Programme (www.tinnituseprogramme.org), an internet-based self-help programme for people with tinnitus. This 10-week programme has not been evaluated before. The first stage of this research will use interviews, internet surveys and diaries to explore the views of past, current and potential new users of the programme. The findings of this PhD research will be used to make recommendations on the development of this and other self-help programmes and will inform future evaluations of these programmes.

Have you used the Tinnitus E-Programme before? If you have, then we invite you to take part in our internet survey. You can find more information  at http://www.tinnituseprogramme.org/Research.html or by contacting Kate Greenwell (msxkg1@nottingham.ac.uk) Tel. 0115 823 2600