Interactive video tutorials for hearing aid users – HEAR IT

Watch sample clips below from the new and exclusive HEAR IT interactive video tutorials for first time hearing aid users and their family and friends.

The content of the tutorials is based on principles of learning theory and has been developed in collaboration with over 30 hearing aid users to ensure the tutorials engage the targeted audience and provide optimal learning. Each self-contained tutorial is structured with learning outcomes, multi-media (videos, photos, animations), and an interactive quiz as well as powerful testimonials, anecdotes and humour.

There are a total of seven tutorials (1 hour in duration) which cover topics on:

The tutorials have been evaluated to assess patient benefit in a randomised controlled trial in 230 first-time hearing aid users. We are anticipating that those who interact with the tutorials will get more benefit from their hearing aids. The results will be due towards the end of the year - watch this space!

For more information on the development of the videos and research findings, click here ENTND14 Melanie Ferguson.  To order a DVD version, now commercially available as C2HEAR, please click here C2HEAR

In addition to the seven tutorials and the two video clips entitled HEAR IT - Communication partners' testimonial and HEAR IT - Learning objectives and quiz, you can also read one of our success stories, Hearing aid users are the real experts.



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NOTE: The full set of eight tutorials (total duration = 1 hour) will be available towards the end of the year.

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HEAR IT - Hearing aid controls

HEAR IT - Insertion and removal

HEAR IT - What to expect

HEAR IT - Acclimatisation

HEAR IT - Communication tactics

HEAR IT - Phones

HEAR IT - Troubleshooting

HEAR IT - Communication partners testimonial

HEAR IT - Learning objectives and quiz