Ordering the C2Hear DVD

C2Hear is a series of short, interactive, multimedia videos about hearing aids, hearing loss and communication. C2Hear has been designed for first-time hearing aid users, but may also be beneficial to existing hearing aid users, family members and friends and others, including the general public. C2Hear was developed with input from hearing aid users and audiologists to ensure it met the needs of the end user.

Each video (or reusable learning object, RLO) includes multimedia images (animations, videos, photos, cartoons) and all are subtitled. The RLOs also include learning objectives and a self-evaluation quiz to show what has been learned.

The RLOs have been shown to provide a range of benefits to first-time hearing aid users by a high-quality research study, HEAR IT.

Order the C2Hear DVD

A C2Hear clinic pack is available for all clinicians, which includes a master DVD for you to copy and distribute to patients, a waiting room DVD that can be played on loop, as well as promotional material (patient flier and information card), please email us.

C2Hear is a partnership between: