QUest In Eliminating Tinnitus

Chief investigator

Autifony Therapeutics Ltd

Study team

Professor Deborah Hall
Mr Mat Daniel
Dr Bonnie Millar
Dr Adam McNamara
Sandra Smith

University of Nottingham Clinical Trials Facility
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust


Innovate UK (formerly Technology Strategy Board), late-phase Biomedical Catalyst award

Study period


Autifony Therapeutics Limited (“Autifony”) is pioneering the development of novel pharmaceutical treatment (AUT00063) for hearing disorders by sponsoring a phase IIa clinical study, with Professor Deborah Hall at The University of Nottingham and National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Unit (BRU) as lead academic collaborator.

AUT00063 is a first-in-class Kv3 potassium channel modulator in development for the treatment of age-related hearing loss.  The Technology Strategy Board funding award enables Autifony to initiate a randomised, placebo controlled Phase IIa study in patients with tinnitus in the UK, allowing Autifony to test the drug’s efficacy in this poorly served patient group.

The study is being conducted at around 12 key Hospital sites across the UK and is now recruiting. For more detailed information on these sites and about how to enrol see the trial website:

On a daily basis we are contacted by people who struggle to cope with their tinnitus and want to know if there are effective treatments for this condition. We are delighted that Autifony, who we have worked with closely from their inception, has secured funding to continue clinical testing on a potential new drug treatment that we hope will bring relief to tinnitus sufferers.

Dr Ralph Holme Head of Biomedical Research at Action on Hearing Loss, the UK charity dedicated to hearing loss research