The priority setting process

Once all responses to the survey have been submitted, we must first identify which responses are true uncertainties (that is questions that cannot be answered by existing research) which are important to all groups.  This involves working with all groups to jointly prioritise identified uncertainties. This will happen in several stages:

  1. All uncertainties that have been identified from the survey will be processed by the steering group and all partners in the project representing people with lived experience of hyperacusis.
  2. The results from this exercise will be used to create a shortlist of about 30 uncertainties.
  3. Finally, a one-day meeting involving groups of people who have lived experience of hyperacusis, and health professionals, will use a consensus-based approach, where all groups must agree, to produce a list (likely a Top 10) of jointly agreed research priorities.

The priorities will be publicised widely, and all uncertainties will be recorded and available for researchers and research funders to review.