What will I need to do if I take part?

In taking part, you will complete a series of three surveys. These can be completed online on a computer or tablet in your home. The surveys will list ways in which tinnitus may have an impact on a person (complaints, such as sleep problems associated with tinnitus). You will be asked to identify those complaints (we also call these 'aspects') that you feel are the most important to treat. This is in relation to whether you are considering sound-based, psychology-based or drug-based treatments.

After you register to take part, we will ask you to complete the surveys on the treatment type that you have most experience with (or have considered most).

If you have experience with (or have considered) more than one treatment type, you will have the option to complete surveys on more than one treatment type.

We shall send you a link to the survey online for the treatment type(s) agreed

What is involved in completing the survey:

Survey round 1:

Survey rounds 2 and 3:

        Flow chart and timing of question rounds

After round 3 is complete, there will be a group meeting to discuss and agree on the list of important aspects to be included in the Core Outcome Set, based on the survey results.

This meeting will be held in the United Kingdom (expected September 2017). There will be limited places so please register your interest in attending the meeting with the research team.

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