You have professional experience in tinnitus: Can you take part and how will you benefit?

Download our information leaflet for professionals in tinnitus

If you have professional experience in tinnitus you can take part if you:

  1. Are able to read, understand and complete surveys in English.
  2. Fulfil any of the roles and criteria specified below:

Healthcare Practitioners:

Clinical Researchers:

*‘recent past’ experience is defined as having been a co-author on a relevant peer-reviewed journal publication in the past 3 years.

Commercial Representatives:


How are we defining sound, psychological and Drug-based treatments for tinnitus?

Sound-based treatments

Psychology-based treatments

Drug-based treatments

You will be asked to answer general questions about what you feel is important for one or more of the three main types of treatment, based on your own experiences. The survey will not ask you about whether you liked or disliked these treatments or how well they work or worked.

Please note: Taking part is voluntary. You will not receive any payment for completing the survey.

How may you benefit from taking part?

This study will not test an existing treatment or develop a new treatment for tinnitus but it will help to improve treatment research in the future.

Your contribution in this study will allow us to:

In addition to helping us improve future tinnitus research, there could be many other reasons why you may benefit from taking part:

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