Using internet interventions to support self-management

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07 April 2014

Presenter(s): Dr Adam Geraghty
Time: 13.00 -14.00
Location: NHBRU, Meeting Room 1


Abstract: Research on the use of the internet to self-manage a broad array of symptoms is increasing rapidly. In this talk I will discuss what internet interventions are and are not, when and where they might be helpful, and issues to consider when planning development. I will then explore two example internet interventions currently being developed by our team at the University of Southampton. The first, ‘Balance Retraining’ is a structured internet-based Vestibular Rehabilitation (VR) intervention designed for adults over 50 experiencing chronic dizziness. This project extends a successful programme of work examining VR booklets in primary care. The second, ‘Healthy Paths’ is an intervention designed specifically for primary care patients experiencing emotional distress. It combines mindfulness-based approaches with behavioural activation and is being co-built with patients. I will conclude by discussing the future of internet interventions and outlining some areas of caution.