Cortical processing of the natural statistics of self-generated sounds in the primate auditory system using MRI-guided electrophysiology

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10 June 2013

Presenter(s): Yukiko Kikuchi
Time: 13.00 - 14.00
Location: NHBRU, Meeting Room 1


The brain is equipped with a system that can incorporate the external world. The statistics relating to natural signals are known to share many similarities to those of our own physiological signals, such as heart rate, neuronal firing rates and brain oscillations. Interaction between the brain and the external environment facilitates the emergence of new capacities and novel behaviours due to optimisation of the brain’s systems. I will investigate the interaction between the neuronal responses and regularities observed in external natural auditory signals, particularly self-generated sounds such as vocalisation, speech and music. In this talk, I will use a primate model system to demonstrate and discuss the cortical representation and pathways of prominent features observed in natural sounds, e.g., rhythm, pitch and voice, and how interaction between the cortical system and natural sounds can influence our behaviours.