fMRI studies of cortical reorganization in postlingual deafness: Modification of the left hemispheri

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09 November 2015

Presenter(s): Dr Diane Lazard
Time: 13.00 -14.00
Location: NHBRU, Meeting Room 1





Diane Lazard is an ENT surgeon in Paris, France. She also has a research background with a PhD in Neurosciences (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris) on the topic of cerebral plasticity induced by post-lingual deafness and by auditory rehabilitation with a cochlear implant (fMRI and PET studies). She showed that cochlear implant outcome depended upon the reading strategies developed during the period of moderate and profound deafness, and upon the amount of audio-visual fusion developed during childhood. She undertook a post-doc at The Bionics Institute, Melbourne, Australia, where she continued studying predictors of cochlear-implant performance. Data from 2251 patients (multi-center collection) permitted an update from former results published 15 years ago and to test new hypotheses. She also studied the psychoacoustic definition of a pulse train with cochlear implant users having residual or normal hearing on the non-implanted side.
Apart from her surgical activity, she is now also Scientific Advisor for a non-profitable French organization, Acting for Hearing (Agir pour l’Audition).