Studies on patient journey, hearing disability acceptance and stages-of-change in people with hearing disability

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03 June 2013

Presenter(s): Dr Vinaya Manchaiah
Time: 13.00 -14.00
Location: NHBRU, Meeting Room 1


Person with hearing impairment (PHI) and their communication partners (CPs) have a range of experiences and milestones before, during and after their audiological assessment and/or rehabilitation sessions. The term ‘patient journey’ refers to understanding the experiences and the processes the patient goes through during the course of the disease and the treatment regime. In this talk, series of studies done to further develop the Ida Institute journey models of PHI and CPs and the potential uses of these models will be discussed. In addition, two studies (which are by products of a recent failed clinical trial) with focus on ‘hearing disability acceptance’ and ‘stages-of-change’ of people with hearing disability who are not actively seeking help will be discussed. Overall, this talk aims to highlight the importance of ‘process evaluation’ in understanding hearing disability