The Professionalisation of Audiology in the UK – Preliminary Findings

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28 April 2014

Time: 13.00 - 14.00
Location: NHBRU, Meeting Room 1


The Professionalisation of Audiology in the UK – Preliminary Findings Tendai Ngwerume (Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)

Audiology is a health profession that specialises in the non-medical aspects of hearing and balance disorders in the UK. Audiology constitutes one of several healthcare sciences, predominantly found practicing in the National Health Service, that have gone through significant changes over the last decade. These changes, often driven by the State, include the widespread change in pay, training and introduction of market reforms for routine services. The introduction of market reforms are an attempt at reducing the overall healthcare budget in the wake of an expected rise in demand for national health services.
This study aims to reveal how the profession, as represented by its leaders, reconciles State led changes in education, practice and market forces with its professionalisation strategy. Qualitative methodology is used to explore the views of professional leaders in Audiology. Interviews with leaders and secondary texts form the corpus of data being analysed. Some preliminary findings will be discussed.